Northern California Guided Waters

The Fly Shop® has been California's fly fishing headquarters for over 30 years!

We're the reservation center for private waters and guides in Siskiyou, Tehema, Trinity, and Shasta counties. Our guides are local experts who live here. They're professionals trained and skilled in every aspect of their avocation and spend time doing that job nearly every day of the year.

There's no question The Fly Shop® is the number one guide service in Northern California. Our back yard includes the famous Sacramento River, and the Trinity, Upper Sacramento, Hat Creek, Pit River, Fall River, McCloud River, and Klamath are all within striking distance. We've also got a few tricks up our sleeves, and some other lesser known regional stillwaters and streams.

Our professional guides know all the local rivers, streams, and stillwaters intimately. They work together as a team, sharing information with each other. By combining their talents, ideas, and everyday experience they've become the most successful guides in Northern California. Our guides are models for proper streamside etiquette and everyone rowing a boat for The Fly Shop® is exclusively catch-and-release. When a fly rodder has spent a day in the boat with one of our guides, he/she walks away a better angler.

Most of our guided fishing is less than an hour away. Many of the best spots are right in our backyard and only minutes from the front door of The Fly Shop®.

Northern California is a diverse angling Mecca, with a temperate climate and reliable fishing nearly every day of the year. Dedicated fly fishermen can target rainbows, brown trout, brookies, steelhead, sea run brown trout, both Chinook and Coho salmon, spotted bass, largemouth bass, smallmouth bass, stripers, and shad. Our backyard has made its mark as a regional destination for traveling fly fishermen.

Give our guide service management team a call and we'll tailor a trip that matches your schedule and passions. We can help with local hotels and restaurants, non-angling activities, and whatever else is necessary to ensure that your trip to our area is memorable.

Guided fishing costs start at $450.00 per day, per guide & boat. Costs allow 2 anglers per guide a full day of fly fishing. Contact us about additional options at 800-669-3474 or send us an email.

Fall River

The Fall River is the largest of California's spring creeks, fed by several icy aquifers coming from the snows and glaciers of Mount Shasta. It is the nation's largest spring system, creating a wonderland of crystal-clear, 50-degree rainbow trout habitat.

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Hat Creek

Hat Creek represents the quintessential chess game of spring creek fly fishing for wary trout. It bubbles out of the numerous aquifers near Mt Lassen and runs clear and cold throughout the season, providing ample habitat for a variety of different aquatic insects...

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Klamath River

The Klamath River System is one of the most impressive drainages on the West Coast, starting in the vast Klamath Basin in southeastern Oregon and carving its way across Northern California's rugged Siskiyou Mountains...

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Lower Sacramento

The Sacramento River below Shasta Dam – known as the Lower Sacramento, or "Lower Sac" – has to be rated as among the best tailwater fisheries in the country. Its wild rainbows are big, tough, and plentiful, and the river's controlled flows...

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McCloud River

The McCloud River rainbows (salmo Shasta) may be the most famous strain of trout on the planet Earth. At the turn of the last century, these were the fish used to first stock most of New Zealand, Argentina, Chile, and other potential trout fisheries...

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Pit River

For those adventurous anglers willing to work a little, the rewards of fishing the Pit River are well worth it. The tough reputation of the river keeps many anglers away, making the Pit a great place to get away from it all. Each and every pocket of water...

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Regional Lakes

There are literally dozens of great Stillwater venues within range of our guide staff here in Redding, with options for all of the seasons. Lakes can be technical fisheries, and spending a day on one with one of our guides will definitely help the learning curve...

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Seasonal Shad

Fly fishing for Shad, commonly referred to as "poor-man's Tarpon," is one of the most exciting angling opportunities in the Central Valley. Shad are known for their acrobatic battles and unwillingness to ever quit fighting once hooked.

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Trinity River

The Trinity River is the major tributary to the Klamath River, and stretches 110 river miles from Lewiston Dam downstream to its confluence with the Klamath at Weitchpec. Nearly the entire river is designated as wild and scenic...

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Upper Sacramento

The portion of the river commonly called the Upper Sacramento begins below Lake Siskiyou (near the town of Mt. Shasta) and tumbles downstream for nearly 40 miles through canyons and a terraced, typical freestone setting, eventually dumping...

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